Standard Fixed Ladders

Precision offers a complete line of aluminum wall ladders custom fabricated to exact field measurements. Precision’s ladder treads are a full 2-1/4″ in width and they are deeply serrated to maximize traction. These ladders have been thoroughly tested for strength, and are able to withstand a 1500# loading without failure. Individual treads are attached to siderails using 4 rivets rated at 1100 lbs. shear strength each, and have been tested to 3,000# without deformation. Additionally, all edges on the siderails and treads have been rounded to provide a more comfortable, powerful grip for the hands.  Ladders in excess of 24′ length must be equipped with a personal fall arrest system, ladder safety system, cage, or well.  Precision offers cages as well as landing platforms as required by OSHA 1910 Subpart D and other regulatory bodies in certain situations. Mill finish is standard.

Other options include:

  • Security Door with piano hinge and padlock provision
  • Floor brackets with pre-drilled holes for attaching ladders to the floor
  • Safety Pole Fall Prevention Systems
  • Anodized Finish
  • Powder Coated Finish

Precision also provides roof access from a building’s interior by combining an FL series ladder with a roof hatch.

01 4 Page Color Brochure

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