Industrial Stairways

Precision Ladders’ Aluminum Fixed Industrial Stairs are built to meet or exceed OSHA 1910.25. The much lighter weight of these units as compared to traditional steel ones make them much easier to install, and the aluminum construction also makes them virtually maintenance-free. Industrial Stairs have a climbing angle between 30° and 50° which means the climber can carry such items as toolboxes, equipment, supplies, etc., while accessing mezzanines, catwalks or roof hatches and still comply with OSHA standards. These stairways are built per job conditions and shipped to the job site ready to install.

Some important characteristics of these ladders are:

  •  All components shall be aluminum alloy 6000 (6005-T5 typical)
  • Fully welded construction throughout
  • Stringers are 8″ x 2.29″ x 1/4″ aluminum channel
  • Treads are aluminum bar grating (standard) both welded and bolted to stringer to withstand a minimum 1000 loading per tread (depth determined by rise and run)
  • Standard 30″ width provides 26″ clear tread width
  • Handrails are 2-line, 1-1/4″ schedule 40 pipe (1.66″ OD)
  • Mill finish aluminum
  • Available in pitches from 30 degrees to 50 degrees

Available as options:

  • Wider stairs up to 56″ clear width maximum
  • Other finishes: powder coat or anodized
  • Anti-slip plate treads
  • Special applications: “Crossover” or “bridge” stairs, landing platforms, catwalks
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014 Page Color Brochure

02Industrial Stairway Product Specification

03Industrial Stairway with bar grating treads

04Industrial Stairway with platform at top

05Industrial Stairway to roof hatch

06Industrial Crossover Stairway