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Alternating Tread Stairs

Precision’s Aluminum Alternating Tread Stair is an alternative to a traditional ships stair.  These stairs allow the user to descend face-forward giving a clear view of the floor below.  Precision Ladders’ aluminum Alternating Tread Stairs were designed with tubular siderails to provide
maximum structural integrity while keeping the overall stair weight to aminimum.  As with all Precision’s products, these stairs are built to project conditions and shipped to the job site completely assembled ready for installation.

Some important characteristics are:

  •  All components shall be aluminum alloy 6005-T5 

  • 1000 pound load capacity

  • Stringers are 3″ x 2″ x 1/8″ aluminum tubular siderails and a 10″ x 1/4″ center stringer

  • Treads are aluminum bar grating

  • Available in either 56° or 68° angle of incline

  • Mill Finish is standard; anodized or powder coated are optional finishes

  • Optional 42″ handrail extension (walk-thru) for accessing platform, landings, or other elevated work surfaces. Width of 24″ for roof hatch access, 28″ for walk-thru models.

Special applications:
“Crossover” or bridge stairs, a landing platform at top or between 2 stairs.

Precision also provides roof access from a building’s interior by combining an aluminum alternating tread stair with a roof hatch. Precision’s Alternating Tread Stairs are built to meet or exceed OSHA 1910 Subpart D.



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014 Page Color Brochure

02Alternating Tread Specification

03Alternating Tread Stairs to roof hatch

04Alternating Tread Stairs with walk-thru

05Alternating Tread Stairs with walk-thru and platform

06Alternating Tread Stairs Crossover