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Roof Hatches

All Precision Roof Hatches are fabricated of heavy gauge steel or aluminum properly finished to withstand rough handling and exposure to the elements.  Insulation in the cover and curb minimizes the effects on the building’s HVAC system.  A rubber gasket, in its own formed track, tightly seals the lid against the curb, making the unit weather tight. The cover is devoid of all hardware except for the handle, negating areas where corrosion and rust can form. All hatches are provided with padlock provisions both internally and externally. Hatches of length 4′ 6′′ or less are equipped with a 1-point zinc-plated cab lock and any hatch longer than this are equipped with a 2-point
slam lock. Each roof hatch is tested in the plant to assure smooth opening and closing with one hand.
Other options include:

  • Aluminum Guard Rail System (folding unit available with 2’6” x 3’0”)
  • Hatch Access Safety Rail
  • Double Wall Curb

Precision also provides roof access from a building’s interior by combining a roof hatch with a wall ladder, ships ladder, alternating tread ladder, industrial stair, or Super Simplex Disappearing Stairway.

014 Page Color Brochure

02Roof Hatch Specification

03Roof Hatch Drawing

04Aluminum Guard Rail System – hatch curb mount

05Extend-A-Rail Ladder Safety Post

06Hatch Safety Handrail